Wilmax England: Cup

A Day in the life of Ramadan.

Advertising Agency: FP7/MCT, Oman
Executive Creative Director: Noufal Ali
Art Director: Noufal Ali
Copywriters: Noufal Ali, Dhruv Chatterjee
Graphic Designer: Zubair s. Khazi
Photographer: Shaheen Thaha
Additional credits: Rafeek Abdulla, Vishwas Rajan

May 2016


William G Thomson's picture
William G Thomson
6 pencils

Absolutely stunning concept. In a super subtle way the ad shows how a cup or plate upside down signifies Ramadan fasting. And it gives a perfect opportunity to show the brand name printed (as always) at the bottom too. That’s when an ad ticks all the boxes! This one rocks!

4Lion's picture
19 pencils

Simple, easily understandable and very straight with a nice thought! good job, Like it.

maper's picture
202 pencils

Solid, topical brand statement.

noushadsaffron's picture

Awesome work by shaheen thaha.congrats

baliais's picture
2595 pencils

Those who say it is good are probably the creator of this ad.

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