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Typo hunter

There is a typo in your translation.

"Although less popular, our problems are more important. Shark killing can kill the Galapagos Islands. Be careful."

Otherwise, great ad. Well done.

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Thanks for the fix.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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andrej dwin
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it's soooo lame!

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

AdArena: Sex Sells

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So much work on photoshop, so badly done, for such a bad ad:

- If it wasn't written, I wouldn't have recognized Paris Hilton
- Why associate her with a shark/blood and the Galapagos, rather than any other celebrity?
- The portrait doesn't respect the perspective of the boat
- The image doesn't make any sense without the copy. And still, with the copy, it doesn't make much sense to me.
- After viewing the ad, it doesn't make me feel more concerned about the Galapagos problem.

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didn't recognize her. and the image's so forced, it doesn't really look like blood anymore...

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call me stupid but what does this have to do withparis hilton anyway??
ummmmm..... confused

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Bad choice as a popularity icon. An organization should want the monitary support of Hollywood's divas and her friends. A better approach would have been to use an object or action that is offensive and harmful to all.


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I had no idea it was Paris Hilton.

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My first reaction: More Club Med ads!

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I also didn't realize it was Paris Hilton. And the blood doesn't really look like blood anymore. The thought is clever, but the visual translation can't live up to it.

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It looks like that SHARK has been killed to serve PARIS HILTON's dinner.....so sad!

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Disco Munky
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There is a good idea here, but it's not coming through that well. Is it down to bad photoshop work? maybe. But that should have been sorted before it went out the door. If a main part of the idea requires people to recognise a face or whatever, then you should make sure it's recognisable or the impact of the image is lost and the ad falls short of it's mark.

But I like the idea.

Using perspective might have helped. Kind of like this... but with blood. ha

Doin' it for the points

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It looks like that SHARK has been killed to serve PARIS HILTON's dinner.....so sad!

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Astonishing C R A P

What does Craig Davis think of this?

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Graig David just walked away, from the troubles in his life, he walked away...

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Terrible ad. I was so busy squinting to read the writing that I didn't notice the face (never mind that it is supposed to be Paris Hilton -- why would she be a bloody face, by the way). Very confusing and ineffective!

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Are you sure this is Paris Hilton? I dunno, isn't this that famous argentinian lady who is now engaged in politics? probably not. whatever

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fome , literal y fijense en las perspectivas porfavor.

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Club Med did this idea a couple of years ago.

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yeah but they bleed to death a whole blue whale.
man, how i loved the club med ads...

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Guest star

looks like the young sophia loren.

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Or Johnny Depp.

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did i mention that i once dropped a turd that looked a lot like muhammad ali? including that shaky thang!

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Its crystal clear. When the name Paris Hilton Came suddenly every one diverted their attention to the celebs.

Thats exactly what the Ad is trying to say:

"Altough Less Popular (hint, hint: than Celebrity issues=Paris Hilton)
Our Problems (Killing/Extermination of Sharks)is of more importance,
So, Save the Galapagos Islands."

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