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so much more could've been done with Wii

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agree. disappointing :(

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Yeah, have to agree, so much possibility. Pretty disappointing.

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Charlie Pratt
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Funny photos, but I agree - it doesn't really speak to the attributes of the product.


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I believe that the ad gets the point across that Nintendo has (and continues to) broaden their target audience. Maybe I am the only one feeling this, but I believe that the ad has a hard time standing on its own. I, personally, would have to see all three ads in a magazine to tell myself that Nintendo's Wii could be fun for my six-year-old niece, my 82-year-old grandmother and everyone in between. Otherwise I would ask myself: is this promoting online gaming or what?

I still love my Wii. :)

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The more I see these, the more I like them. Don't hate me!

I kinda like the "Wii vs. you". And "It's everybody's game" is brilliant--it's the first game system for everyone. The benefit is clear, although you kinda need to know about the system to understand the ad.

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alec eiffel
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Evolution is so creative. That's how we got giraffes.

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This is obviously fake, the Nintendo logo should be signing these ads, and the concept is "Wii want to play" and the japanese guys with the controller. What's the purpose of sending these fake-unpublished ads to Ivan to post them?


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Dude, relax. Check the credits. It's student work. Of course it's fake. That's how student work works. Maybe not so quick on the negativity, huh? You were probably a student once. Try to remember what it was like getting useful, constructive criticism from professionals already in the business.

And Amarenad, try not to take the advice people offer you so personally. If you put it out there for people to critique, you have to be willing to accept that the response may not be good or people may not like it. So be it. They are not saying they don't like you, they're just saying they don't like your concept/execution/idea (and if you're lucky, they'll give you tips on how to fix it.) No need to be defensive. Just take what you've learned and go make your work better. Once you have, put it back up and see if anything changes. But most importantly, remember that forums (and this one in particular for some reason) are full of people who just want to kill every idea that goes up, but if you see a pattern in what people are saying (good or bad) there may be something to it.

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I wasn't taking his feedback personally. I just wanted him to understand why student work was up on the site. I put the ads up to get critique (good or bad). What's working and what isn't? I fully intend to use all the criticism in a productive way. That's why I love this site. Criticism is always good. That means there is room to make it better.

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Students are allowed to post as well. The ads were clearly never stated to be published (i.e. why the published part of the entry wasn't filled). We post for feedback. Critique helps. Thank you for yours.

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I didn't know it was student work, there is a section in the forum where students can post their work and be criticized, but I guess you can post here too. I'm not personally attacking anyone, it's just that sometimes people post stuff that's obviously unpublished or fake as real work, and I don't think that's the purpose of this site.


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Wii want something better.

Digital Integration Director of McCann Santiago

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Mr. Cool Supreme
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This is a dream brief. Surprising that the ads seem so flat.

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Good boy XL!!

"Think less to understand More"

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ummmmmm.............whats Wii nyways!!!!!!!!
P.S. explain a lil more than what the comments already suggest.

"Think less to understand More"

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wii vs. you is a good in my opinion... but the art should be different... colorful at lesat.... these ads dont sell wii... and yes if the account is wii there are countless possibilities... wii is fun, am I wrong? I cant see any "fun" in these ads...

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just one evolution critic: maybe the helmet here and glasses on the kid and that thing on the woman's head could be done in an amateur/improvised way.

ex: helmet did it with some pan... glasses maded with some part of plastic bottle... some towel on the woman's head... whatever... just to show the improvised amateur way of gaming that Wii propose to be...
if you do that, we could see some relation between: home, game, improvised, amateur just with the image.

the close B&W pic was well choosed and the lines are very good also.
i believe with that sugestion above you can go further...
keep it up and go on.

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Guest commenter


This ad is boring . black and white no more room for a fight ... !

illy Wii B-)

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