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are there spiders in her veil? hehe, crazy youngsters...
not sure if i like these ads.
what could be more encouraging for a desperate teen then a (more or less) good looking, mourning chick and this rock'n'roll credo?

"are you trying to embarass me? so you dress like one of those goth chicks? speak boy."

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doesn't quite do it for me, disconnect between copy and art.

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i like the tatoo on here left arm, and here boldness, nice details.

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visual aint working again. They all look too similar in the series.

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How about the fact that the girl speaks to what I think is totally the wrong demographic...Look at this girl, she's like a coutoure model that would be dating some skinny emo hipster--not a 'roid monkey. They should have used fake breasted bimbos in these ads.

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