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She wants AIDS :(

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seriously man, every single one of your comments is so annoying and retarded its pathetic. seriously stay away from the comment box, you're an eyesore.

sorry ivan, just couldnt take it anymore...

Quite really.

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i agree

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I'll have to agree....i dont suggest using your real name either if your going to be saying stuff like this, I'm sure you'll have employers that will google your name in the future. do the smart thing and make another screen name and avatar that we can all re-direct our hate to if you wanna bust peoples balls.....

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dude we are not talking about the aids! we are talking about hearing aids!

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oh ivan
this one is better

make this win ivan, if u wont i'll make an ad that shows u as bad creative director who cant tell whats good and whats bad

outsmart me, if you can

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these are absolutely hideous

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All of these ads seam to be targeting young lusty woman.
I didn’t really think they would be the main consumers for hearing aids…

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i think this one make some sense and made me smiled a little. IMO the campaign not working.

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