White Collar Hippies: How to make a bomb

The world has less time left. Travel now.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officer: Josy Paul
Executive Creative Director: Rajdeepak Das
Creative Directors: Sandeep Sawant, Josy Paul, Rajdeepak Das
Copywriters: Yohan Daver, Josy Paul, Rajdeepak Das, Sandeep Sawant
Art Directors: Sandeep Sawant, Rajdeepak Das, Yohan Daver, Josy Paul
Account Manager: Keegan D'mello

May 2013


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Jaap Grolleman
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Terrorism isn't funny, but I guess nobody told BBDO Mumbai that.

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They have an idea, but one that fails...

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Kleenex does not let homeless people eat peanut butter out of his bellybutton.
Even though I stated he doesn't, people already start thinking of it.
While this ad strikes a chord and I like it, it does decrease my desire to go traveling.
I just picture some popular tourist spot and this little device.

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