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I like this It's great

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a fresh approach for (being light concept) but
is there any other concept to communicate weight loss other than this ?

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prefer the other one... this one is a stretch

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separately these are great; but i feel there is not a consistency as a series.

Pros are loyal lovers.

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i agree with YA. it's really nice to see a fresh approach. As for them being inconsistent i guess... their common point is this: if your life is in danger and you are not fat you are saved hahahaha

"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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or perhaps if you are fat your life is in danger. so buy trimax slimming belt and save yourself!:-))

"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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One can end up thinking Trimax is a life-saver. But then, whales don't need life-savers, really.

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Agree. Whales don't need, but the lady on top needs. ;p

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you can't tell, right away but there is a person that has been ejected from the whale's blow hole! it's not about the whale losing weight! look at the top of the add, there are legs. totally missed it the first time around.

i like these two. so fresh.

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A slimming belt that makes your head skinny too. Really? The only thing that is slim here is the idea.

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eh.. i think it gets the idea across. it works.

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I thought the whale wore the belt and it shook so hard it ejaculated.

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