Westpac: Limo

VIP banking on the corner
Now open Cnr Market & Clarence Street

Advertising Agency: Lavender, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Luke Chess
Creative Director: Tan Gout Nee
Art Director: Luke Acret
Copywriter: Andrew Foxlee

December 2010


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like the use of car boat and plane, the use of three expensive items, but the lay-out..gosh..horrible..make me think of something else and that's not good!


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Who are you? I saw a few ads and in all of them you were talking shit about them. I would like to see your BIG IDEAS in your portfolio, but looking at your nerd picture I guess that you must be account. Good luck with that!

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New Nice and Fun
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Dear Guest, it's quite funny for an anonymous to ask "who are you" ... and even if she does look like an account, you have to admit that this is a very very very ugly ad ... but the idea is still interesting that's why I give it a 4

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I agree with New Nice & Fun, except the 4 part. I give it a 2. Deff looks like student work.

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Yes. I agree with you. I don't like the AD neither. You can criticize an ad but being constructive.
I got a bit annoyed with her because I saw a few ads and in all of them she was talking shit about them in a very rude way as she was a big shot.

Peace and Love.

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She was constructive when she said the idea is good but the art direction is to be improved.
She may look like an account but you seem to be attracted to her as well... that would explain your accentuated attention ;)

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Don't submit your work if you're going to get pissy when someone criticizes it.

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yep. it works. visually grabbing and explicative.

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When I saw the comment likening these to the 'Loser L', this is all I see.

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done! by BBH: turn your business around the corner.

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i dont care about everything said, for me the campaign is beautiful visually!!

| Everartz |

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i'm just giving my point of view! lol and i think it's better to say it if don't like it or find something wrong rather than just giving a thumb up to everything you like! (and if you have indeed read many of my comments, you should have seen that not all of them are bad!)


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Weird visual! Dint like it at all.

I'm excited to know my mistakes!

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Interesting idea, bad art direction. This is the kind of art direction a banker would do.

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