Western Union Send Money Abroad Service: Hands, Male

Fast, reliable, worldwide money transfer.

Advertising Agency: dentsuINDIO, Philippines
Creative Directors: Randy Tiempo
Art Director: Randy Tiempo
Copywriter: Lawin Bulatao
Illustrators: Fugsy Fernandez, Roni Diclar
Published: March 2008


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reminds me the fedex ads, but nice approach

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WU is located in a very delicate place.

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I think this ad can have a lot of misinterpretations, possibly some that western union would not appreciate to associate its brand with. I think it's not a good approach.

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Oussama Black Knight
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guys, there's a huge problem here, the 100 dh money (dubai) is a moroccan currency not a UAE one. I don't know how these people did their ads without knowing the currency of the countries . google don't help at this case.

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kind of creepy

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so...half a belt, half a pants, half a shirt....but full tie. why? that hand just looks creepy. but turn the print idea into a video and it might have some sense.

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hehehe thats moroccan money not UAE's...

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looks forced

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Nice idea, but the execution needs some polishing.

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i think idea is overall good execution could have taken it further


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Oh. My. God. Done in bad taste.

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shallow minded idiots will view this in a different light.

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Needs a lot of improvement.

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