Western Union: School

It matters.

Advertising Agency: Lonsdale Saatchi & Saatchi, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Creative Director: Jon Slater
Art Directors: Chris Guinness
Copywriter: Chris Guinness

May 2008


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ziad hamdan
45 pencils

so what?
its not making harmony with the first two ads

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Guest commenter

ziad hamdan.....what have you done that was award winning?

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Roger Daly
359 pencils

Every class has a $pecial child.

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One doesn't typo writing in here....?

For which account economy is falter. obama can do nothing... just one single mistake is for him to see... the world can wait for it is to clear...

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Paul Harvey
13 pencils

Western Union, congrats to those that put it all together, I looked it up and have seen the TV and retail print as well.
Kudos to the Guinness clan.

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...and where's the creativity in this??? I've never seen these ads in Trinidad BTW

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This is a print ad simplistic in design yet easily relatable in
concept. Overall to me this ad represents "less is more" & IS UNIQUE
IN design, by the limit of copy and images used to convey the idea to
the audience which is typical of some ads. To customers familiar with
the product/service it’s easily identifiable; while for non customers
it sparks an interest to learn more-I think. Very eye catching.

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I think this is a great example of less is more. The money sign just
tells it all. School is about money anyway you want to look at it,
whether you think about it as going to school to eventually earn more
money or going to school and paying for it.

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