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I kind of like these though the retouching is a bit off and I really don't like the guys popping out of the box, it ruins the message. Are they supposed to be the cure? Next time I get a migrane I'll try a dozen beers.

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take a look at the ads. then, read again what you have written.
you'll see how stupid it sounds.

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Kyle Priestman

Sigh. You are stooopid. They aren't saying that sausage or beer will cure your headache.
In this instance, they are comparing your headache to a pack of barking dogs. Weleda is compared to the sausage man - sausages being used to soothe the savage beasts.

Use brain before engaging fingers.

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Alright, I get your message. I obviously wasn't thinking straight. I had another look and I get what your saying. I still think the retouching could be better though. Why don't you both sign up and post some of your own work, then you can be logged in as arseholes instead of just arseholes passing by.

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Isn't an ad supposed to be straight forward. I hate the guy popping out of the box. The ad with the dogs and the one construction workers works really well without the box man.

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there's an idea in an idea... don't like it so much. yeah retouching can be much better.. for instance the dogs could have shadows and a little bit of blending would do.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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The pack shot usage are a nice odd ball association which adds fun to these. Otherwise could be a bit too hardcore and creepy.
There is only one thing a person with a Migraine wants appart from grunty pain killers. A dark dark space, no light, no noise, fresh air. A few insights for any future Migraine advertisers out there.

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adam beu

I agree...Sausage cures migraines.

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Lot of things happening here...
I like the concept, but I think that the story can be told in another way.


I almost never write bad comments about ads (I rather don't write), but it jumps to my sight that there are no 'student work', 'bad photoshop', 'photoshop classes right away', 'worst art direction ever', 'why did you upload this...', 'art direction?', 'first idea', 'done to death' comment. Are we changing to a good constructive critique? or the name of the agency goes first?

I like to think that it is about the first option.

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these are fresh. how they demonstrate the solution with the pack-shot, I enjoy them. however, I do
agree that the retouching/photography could have been slicker.

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just right.

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Really cool, If you look long enough you can almost feel a hundred dogs on your head. Awesome.

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except this poor retouching this is a good concept. What makes this quite an old idea fresh is the guy coming out of the box with sausages. This makes it a bit different and I like that insight.

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Fk Mikenj
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agree, i think it will work, just some more retouch

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