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a new take, on a overcliche'ed subject. nice.


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posting your entire portfolio on AotW???
put the vacuum cleaner one lah!

or better yet, the chicken truck idea.

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the art direction can actually be better. the look of death-god (or whoever) who stands outside the door for me is not impressive enough, he look lazy and dummy from this angle.

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Nice Ad. I liked it .... But...
Why the death god (or whoever) is so dumb.... He has an axe and he is trying to break the door.....

Why he is not breaking glass of the window to get in? Dats an easier way! HA HA...

do something about it.

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erm....not big impact enough...
Can be better...agree with what Jenny said

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The last time I checked Death wasn't blocked by physical objects. The scythe through the door reinforces that.

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might this not be better if the girl wasn't so young? unless it's supposed to be a prevention kind of ad. i also don't think that death would have that hard a time getting through the door... if it's your time, it's your time. i doubt it's this young girl's time though.
nice try though.

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I would say she's already inside some kind of pre-death chamber filled with domestic
aplliances, somewhat unaware that she's going to have her throat slashed. Noisy stuff.

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Corona Raymaker
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How do you know by which physical restrictions Mr. Death would be affected and by which not? ;P
I think there is not much sense in debating terms of real life related to a fictional being.
If I'd been Art Director here, I would not even have shown Death, but merely the scythe in the door.
The Fridge is attracting enough attention and when you see the head of the scythe you'll get it ...

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you're absolutely right.
btw they could have used any other frightening creature, it would have done just as well.

the art direction could have been done much better. this room is so cold, almost dead. this blue-green light doesn't communicate safety. probably that's how the fitnes network gyms look like...

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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Ha, I agree. None of the above arguments really hold any weight. C'mon people, you're criticising an ad based on what 'death' can't or can't do. Speaking from planet earth, I quite like the thought here. You're workin out, which can result in a healthier and prolonged life, and it's shown in a fun, roundabout way. Congrats. Way to use the side door.

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it's a nice THOUGHT but it should have been more engaging ad than this. The ad itself is crappy, there are nicer ways to illustrate that thought or line. Art direction...erm, quite bad... shoot the retoucher too please.

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So let me see if I understand this rather poor excuse for an ad. Fit people can't leave their house, ever. Because death is constantly waiting for them. Right?

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What the hell is on that TV? Is death trying to get through that too?

Fail Harder.

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death knocking on the! but is it stupid enough to miss the glass window????
agree with some guys here.....better direction next time for fit people who constantly find death waiting for them.

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Nah, it works ok, but I think it is a boring way to avdertise the service.


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PaulyG_fill in ...
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These would have been better had the person been a little old lady. If death is coming after all these 20 year olds, all the exercise in the world ain't gonna save them. However, one can argue that death is at the doorstep of a 90 year old woman - and exercising will help prolong her life. Not many teenagers have death chasing them at every corner - and if they do, they have problems that simple exercise probably won't remedy.

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i agree but i think the target audience are rather 20 year olds than 90 year old women.

prolonging one's own life is rather what old people care about, youngsters mostly don't think too much about it. so the only way to make this point suitable/ more interesting for the younger generations is to show people of this age.

to me this is the major thought behind it: one should start prolonging his life by doing sports (at this specific gym) at an early stage. i think this is missing in the line.

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yeah, i think it's a preventative type ad as well. get fit now, stay fit, so you can keep death at bay. something is missing.

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i'd just like to ad that the window facing the inside of the apartment is really weird. i've never seen an apartment with a window that opens to an indoor hallway. why couldn't they have tried something with death trying to get in from the other window?

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joey hayashi
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it strikes me!
Malaysia Boleh!

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Corona Raymaker
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Now that I read all these very good questions from all you guys, I get under the impression that this ad has been done in very short time and in very high haste.

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