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Awesome Copy, Excellent Layout!!!

Hats off guys...

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leaves no place for comments, says it all itself

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prajith kumar
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Hats off guys...

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Not bad, though I think the concept of amputation might have been stronger.

In adition, the word 'reduces' sounds a little technical in that people rarely say about themselves 'I want to 'reduce' weight'.

Rather, words like 'loss' or, in this case, 'lowers' might lend it a more natural connotation.

In addition, I think using the word 'you' or 'your' would be more direct, more powerful. 'Smoking lowers your weight' might be stronger, for example. Or 'Lose weight. Smoke.' and so forth.

Still, it's reasonable, if lacking a little sophistication in the wording department.

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Brainchild Theories
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ha! fabulous

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Sometimes more is less. Brilliant, concept through to execution!

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Irina Kaiser
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The tagline is excellent!

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