February 2009

Print advertisment created by The Firehouse, South Africa for Webber Wentzel, within the category: Professional Services.

Abecedarian (n.): A person learning the alphabet. For more unconventional intelligence visit

Advertising Agency: The Firehouse, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Steven Richards
Creative Director: Justin Dodd
Art Director: Aimee van Tonder
Copywriter: Adam G. Abelson
Photographer: Michael Lewis

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Crapocontinuoum (n) the act of believing that more than one crappy ad makes a campaign.

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Obtuse (adj.) Lacking quickness of perception or intellect. And in your case good judgment.

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When it comes to good judgment, I certainly wouldn't choose an attorney who is just learning the alphabet.

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Regardless of whether these ads are good or not, more than one crappy ad does make a campaign. Nowhere is a campaign defined as "several good ads". Ass.

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I agree with the first commenter.
A "campaign" is more than a collective noun. This is just a range of ads - it's not a campaignable idea.

There's no real direction in the ads themselves or the collection as a whole. After all, why would I want an attorney who knows a few obscure words? So that he can write me a little "feel better" poem when I get thrown into jail?

Maybe take another look at the strat - if there is one.

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What exactly don't you get? The concept demonstrates unconventional words in a clever way. And what is the currency of the legal profession? Ummm, wait its coming to me, something about writing legal papers or making arguments in court or understanding the law. In other words - WORDS!!!!!

And maybe it's just me but I Iike to know that my attorney has something between the ears when he's representing me. Call me crazy. I hope you're not a strategist because your one dumb mother£$*%^@.

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Now, that makes all the difference.
Your honour, my client can't be held responsible for his actions because he was learning the alphabet at the time...

You created a crap ad, mate - deal with it.

Here's a little tip: if you want people to pat your sensitive little back and tell you how great your work is, show it to your granny.

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Ok then. Quite a heated conversation for a bunch of guys hiding behind the guest commentator thing. By the way, my team and I created the ad and our grannies love it.

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Hostile people... keep it up guys :)

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Frankly - I enjoyed the comments more than the ads.

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