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good work

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pitted prunes
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great visual execution but visual metaphor is kinda far fetch. i dont really get what useless is referring to other than the fruit skin. if u are associating the trouble of peeling skin to the trouble of banking offline, then i think the line has to convey it clearer :)

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I found it really clear. All the stuff you want, none of what you don't.

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El Barto
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The skin of a fruit is far from being useless. Inconvenient, maybe. But useless? C'mon..
That's a "first idea" that was actually done. And nobody noticed it's neither logical nor actually funny.

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Interesting insight. Though, assuming you are right about the "first idea" thing (I see your point, but, it seems a tad presumptuous), I think this ad captures the idea that many bank customers feel there are numerous systems, processes and fees within a bank which are useless. The rat-maze line-ups for instance. Play that idea against a simple metaphor: that CERTAIN fruit skins are also considered useless and show it in one image and one good line of copy and I think that's effective. I wasn't screaming in laughter, but I don't think funny is the intended effect; more witty. And obviously the presented logic is abandoned, but, to highlight a more attractive idea: efficient banks.

But, agreed, an idea can always be taken further.

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Great one!



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Marlus Lau
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Interesting photoshop here, but It think this campaign is weird.

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Jaap Grolleman
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I love the photoshop but it's more for art then for ads.

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Livio Gerosa, good work!!

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Muhammad Imran
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those who says bad execution, actually they are jealous! :P

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nice photo shop........
funny ads but i loved it.........i think for bank purpose its not a right ads

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