We would do anything to get the best originals, 1

May 2006

This is a B2B campaign for the world market leader in rotogravure decor printing.

We would do anything to get the best originals
As a market leader in rotogravure decor printing, we use only the best originals when we're developing new decors for your furniture and flooring. If you value a special look and uncompromising quality, look out in future for these words: Made by Schattdecor. For more information visit

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esotericusername's picture
Activity Score 313

I love it! It's original, it's smart, it's gold!!! What a fun, over the top ad!

chintan ruparel's picture
chintan ruparel
Activity Score 1516

original? yes it is.
smart? umm, killer photography!
gold? no way...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

esotericusername's picture
Activity Score 313

local ad show.

gibshellenberger's picture
Activity Score 157

i'm glad you posted all twenty four in the campaign, ivan. cuz, damn, i was starting to think i wasn't going to 'get it.' but then that last posting popped up and i was like, "viola"!!!

the old monk's picture
the old monk
Activity Score 24

Fab art direction until it came to the body copy. I think this part is sponsored by the market leader in magnifying glasses. But my sympathies are with the art director. After all your effort, I think you should behead your copy partner.

jacksonrabbit's picture
Activity Score 290

I like that it's b2b. We don't see enough of that here. You should really make b2b its own industry on the side of the site.

zhanghao's picture
Activity Score 27

Well done! the best art direction in the campaign. I more and more like AotW. Ivan, thank you for giving us so many best ads that make me more creative fashion and higher art standard.

spiderbear's picture
Activity Score 20

I agree with Ye Olde Monk. Art direction? Awesome. Copywriting? Forced translation. Or just really, really bad. Then again, that COULD explain why the copy is so dang small...

AriesDW's picture
Activity Score 172

Nice image work on the floor.

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