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There's a TV campaign running alongside these that are actually VERY funny.
They feature the same players shown here and a couple of additional famous power players.
They all turn out to be surprisingly great actors on camera.
I really don't care for the copy in this print campaign, but the art direction is really slick. I can just stare at these for a good chunk of time.
I was wondering who did those tv spots...

Tracy Wong and the gang.
Makes total sense.

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"luck" is the best one. but they all feel kinda...old...like a bad ripoff of an old Sportscenter spot...

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wow, nothing good about that at all.

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what happened to your warts lemmy?

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pahahahahahaha! Seems he's been up late watching Jessica Simpson informercials. PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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if the fonts on the sunglasses layed and faded like the reflect. it will be more tailormade and crafted like the rail and the chip stack ones.

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