WD-40: Genius

Some people think their mind is the most powerful weapon.
Try loosening that rusted bolt with your mind, genius.

Advertising Agency: O'Leary and Partners, Newport Beach, California, USA
Creative Directors: Eric Spiegler, Deidre McQuaide
Art Director: Josh Zipper
Copywriter: Matt McNelis
Photographer: Tim Tadder

January, 2011


TommyO's picture
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Not very flattering to the target audience, is it?

CommandZ's picture
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Would their target audience consider themselves intellectuals? Seems like the target is the blue collar worker (and us regular folk who have the odd tight nut to jimmy loose) who appreciates some trash talking IMHO. Fun copy overall, the art direction seems a bit '90's though.

abake's picture
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I think the target audience appreciates the "in-your-face" tone of the campaign. I thought it was funny and it made me want to buy WD40 for the odd house chore...

Boxey's picture
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I liked that you moved on from the bad "nuts" wordplay in the last one to an actual concept.

That One Guy's picture
That One Guy
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this one works for me. it sarcastic and in-your-face. Good line. Kudos

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