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its my thought!

i'm not getting the idea..

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The idea is freakin' simple: That is advertising a Beer Festival, right? Soooo, they are going to drink a lot. Soooo, they are going to pee a lot. Soooo, they will need a big recipient to do that!

Logic, simple, and funny! :)

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Yeah.. but..why kids? If its a matter of size, theres no need to see kids in beerfests ads. And what about the white liquid? Is that supoused to be beer foam? Is it a liquid? Is it a door or a table?

Seems like they were coming back from the beer fest when they had this idea.

Plain bad for me....

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I assumed this was the Mannekin Pis from Brussels - a statue of a boy who saved the city by peeing out a huge fire set by enemies. I don't think it's meant to exploit kids; rather, it's taking cultural European "peeing" symbols and using them to demonstrate the huge amounts of drinking that will go on at the fest.

It's definitely a local thing, though, so it isn't fair to spot faux-pas where they clearly aren't.

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Why kids? Because some WC's have the signs with kids. Some have with animals. Others with stylized forms... Some prefer only letters, others drawings, illustrations... For all tastes!!!

Which white liquid? I don't see any white liquid in this ad. Are you talking about the urine? It's a sign, in a door... a WC door!!!

Not plain bad for me...

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Parody on the WC doors... dumb.

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pee festival

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