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nice gaijin
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I like the art, but the yin yang/inyou symbol is one of inter-penetration and balance, not a cycle.

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I am not going for this. The message is not very clear. Go take a picture of the waterways in the PI they are in terrible shape a photo of that would communicate better. I would like to see a rendering of what they look like now and what they would look like clean. Who are they going to put this ad in front of?

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I agree with nice gaijin. The Yin Yang doesn't mean clean up the bad and get rid of it. I mean, I can see a water vs oil metaphor in the symbol, but it doesn't tell me that we should eliminate the icky stuff.

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Pollution and water exist in harmony?

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i've seen this idea for another product

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whats yin yang gotta do with it?

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nice art.

- kk

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Ok....wrong concept!

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pooja gadodia
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nice 1 i liked the art work....

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Ouroboros would have worked better.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Shouldn't the white be the 'water' part? It looks more like a city to me. And the black doesn't look too polluted. All I see is one poison bottle. And do I see a tree with leaves in the poisoned side? Shouldn't that be dead too? Walter Anderson could do a much better job.

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i agree with gaijin too. yin yang is not exactly a cycle.

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walang kwenta

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panget ni jed kudo....by;honeypea

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