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Fallon had done the same ad some 15 years back. It's there in the One Show.


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Yep, remember it all too well. Had a bread in it with the warning on it, amongst others...

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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No, it was from Goldsmith/Jeffrey in New York. Done by Tracy Wong all by himself. I used to admire all his work from O&M/NY, Goldsmith, and of course, Goodby Berlin & Silverstein. I even had the chance to meet the guy when I was still in college back in S.F. and mentioned to him how much I liked his anti-smoking campaign...

As a person working in the creative community, I'm very offended by this ad because it's an exact carbon copy of Tracy's ad (others in the campaign were bread and banana.)

I remember having a long debate with others on this web site on the topic of knowing what's already been produced (ESPECIALLY when the work has received numerous awards and recognition.)

I realize this ad is from Dubai, but I was shocked to see that very famous much-pulicized work being reproduced here verbatim.

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Can someone please provide a link for these ads?

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Mr."Jet Propulsion Lab", your comment is not convincing because there is no proof for what you are saying until you provide the link. By the way , i searched on a lot of ads website (even coloribus), but i couldn't find the "original " one !

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i cant open them for a close up look but here you go


just do a search for Tracy Wong

i dont really care that it has been done before. in fact i find it funny that people get so up in arms about it all. the average consumer in dubai or any other country the originals where never published will never ever have seen the originals or all the knock offs. so its still going to be effective communication.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Just noticed something. Those "Fresh Mex" tv spots for Chevy's Mexican Grill right above the anti-smoking ads were ALSO done by Tracy (at Goodby.) Simply brilliant guerilla tv campaign (which ran on the same day it was filmed!!) I don't think I've seen a more conceptual tv campaign ever since. The year, 1992...

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I wish we could see it more clearly.

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purple tree
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okay i didnt get how this is anti smoking....

1. the answer to the question is "YES I WILL DRINK IT CUZ I NEED TO DRINK" thats the first thing that came to my mind...

2. label on water is = to label on ciggs..

3. therefore ya i will smoke cuz i need to smoke >???!@!?

so wouldnt that make t a pro smoking campaign.

PS: i am a smoker :)

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john doe
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i liked the concept....simple n effective....good work!!!

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Weren't you the lil fella who didn't get it just now?

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Me gustó

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yeah...i would

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Actually, we're the ones flattered. Had we only done it 20 years ago!

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very interesting post, i wonder if the agency knew and just copied it or they truly didnt have a clue.

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intermarkets is one of the agencies in dubai known for copying old works

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what is this

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