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December 2013

Discover The Returned: people supposed dead, who come back to life as they were, unaware of their death.
To advertise the broadcast of the series on, we created mysterious obituaries announcing the death and the return of the series characters. The posters erected in main german towns and each character had a dedicated web address, bringing people directly to the Watchever page of the series.

Print advertisment created by Heimat, Germany for Watchever, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Heimat Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Guido Heffels
Creative Director: Ove Gley
Copywriter: Axel Didon
Art Director: Anthony Montagne
Graphic design: Carsten Meyer
Copywriter intern: Sebastian Schäffer
Account Supervisors: Florian Hoffmann, Philip Bauch

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Well, I didn't know what this is for, but I got intrigued for sure. This ad made me spend 15 minutes researching about the show and now I'm eager to watch it. I can say this ad worked just fine.