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and the point being..?

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just another way to say "very fast"

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lost me completely??? Not sure what your message is here? Ducati so quick it just takes 24 hours to get around europe?

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good ad. Not brilliant, just a good simple ad showing the benefit (benefit of every speed bike anyway...)

Btw, why is it a journey throughout Europe? Isn't it a Brasilian agency?

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italian brand. i guess that's why...

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buy by bye
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this is bad
there r so many good ads that emphasizes speed that this one is just poor.

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yeah especially for ducati, ducatis are like the ferraris of motorcycles, i would have thought that showing
the bike would be a client mandatory.

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I kinda like the idea, but it doesn't feel right for the brand.

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Cool idea, but they may have wanted to make it look more like a dashboard-clock or something
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you could put anything that goes pretty quick on that.

like someone commented - ducatti is the ferrari of motorbikes. nothing about prestige comes across

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Nice one.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I liked it.
It's simple and that's why is good.
Shortlist Cannes 2007.

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reminds me of marcello serpa's fuel tank work.

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Very good. I different way to see the speed'benefit. I like it.

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What the Hell
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I ducatti an air plane?

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very clever. i'd like to have one of those hanging on my wall...