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Gatorade makes me stronger now? I thought it helped to keep people hydrated.
Funny campaign, but no so Gatorade.

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oh i get it.

gatorade now makes you stupid.

you'd take a heavier AND bulkier object, unplugging it from the socket (unless the drink made you too stupid to unplug) and bring it to a place where it will generate more noise than it would from the kitchen, and risk damaging the otherwise expensive wood/parquet floor.

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I agree with whitespace. Though this one WON A CANNES LION , I think it's forced. The campaign kinda tells me " Gatorade makes you strong and stupid". Duh Cannes...

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Will make you so full of energy you would not mind bringing the heavy stuff. I agree, the ad does imply it makes you kinda stupid too.

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where is the housemaid? pls ask her/him....

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Jonny Lonestar
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THIS won a cannes????? no friggen way... (has lost all respect for award shows...)

D+ concept
D photography

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that's a little harsh... I think the AD and photography is swell. :)

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the exaggeration has humor.

the execution doesn't make sense.

it's like they had a great visual in mind and ran with it before doing a reality check on the concept.

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Tero Ylitalo
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No more Gatorade for me please. Seriously, the concept does not make any sense like said. And it definitely doesn't support the brand image that says Gatorade helps you to stay hydrated --> better performance.

"Creativity does not equal sales"

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I agree, that the premise of these ads cumulatively say, "Gatorade Skews Your Judgement." I realize exaggeration is a big part of advertising, but it fails when a segment of an audience sees it as opposite than the intended. Besides, Gatorade has made it's money on the idea that it replenishes your fluids with nutrients that water alone can't do... Making you stronger? Too much of a departure. These ads could have worked well with swapping out Gatorade product with something like Wheaties, where they have always said their product is healthier and puts you in better shape than the 'kiddies' cereal. THAT would be a more sensible use of exaggeration for a brand.

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focus group
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This one is definitely the weakest of the four, but still: What is wrong with you guys? This campaign is fun and entertaining. Even it is not 100% on stategy. I say: Cheers to Berlin!

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some ads are so easy to get stolen....i saw the exact same ad for a light washer....just stupid!

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