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Nice illustration!! The concept: mmmm...... i don’t now!!!

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Nice copy and nice illustration

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Nice illustration and.... nothing else.

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i guess they couldn't say "enemy"…

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i'm guessing the lines sounded better in italian. in english, they're crap. the illustration is ok. but nothing new. especially within the genre.

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This series gets points for trying. Good illustration, rather than oft-used photography, is always a nice change of pace. But I'm not sure I would classify this as good illustration. The technique feels a bit remedial. Moreoever, the headlines don't quite make sense in English -- a bit odd, a bit "off."

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Are you SERIOUS? This is CRAP! There are better ways to use stock Magic illustrations - try being CREATIVE! And that typeface? TOTAL crap. Seriously Ivan, why are these here? And can you get rid of the unverified comments thing?

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This is ugly, boring, crap, moronic and idiotic. The comments, I mean by sour-grape, ugly and bitter bubblestheclownfish. Ivan, have you given him his Prozac?

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''i'm guessing the lines sounded better in italian. in english, they're crap.'' yes... english speaking contributors, please refrain from language mockery. not all of us speak your language extremly good. focus on the idea.

and on topic, I find these ads visually attractive enough to look at them but the pay-off is really waaaaay out. besides the AD was late for cinema I guess...

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no, not everyone speaks english well. the problem is, this makes no sense as translated. it sounds as if it may be an italian saying that makes sense in italian, but when literally translated is gibberish. in other words, i'm giving it the benefit of the doubt that it may have been better in italian. but as presented, it sucks.

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Sorry, what?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is is an ad.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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what what?


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Played Magic for a long time. The artwork¨s nice, but the rest doesn't come nowhere near the playing experience, feeling, whatever.


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Come on guys, i'm sorry that most of you don't see that this is really A BAD AD. maybe the illustration is cute, but sincerely i don't care just for 50% of the effect, it has to be all or nothing. i mean the visual part has to be in tune with the copy, which SUCKS BIG TIME hear, sorry! "The only time you'll hit an adversary just by sending him to hell" - what does this mean? sending to hell=very bad, so it cannot be a "just"...

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Another bitter monkey spewing sour grapes. Ivan, have you given Lucy her banana?

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God of war, I demand a thumb war. Borrowed concept art - God of war PS2. Nice try though.

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