WARF (The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand): Deer

Forest brings the extinct back to life
Do you think that extinct animals are gone? Huai Kha Khaeng is still the forest in Thailand that has extinct animals. However, deforestation forces them to live only deep forests. That's why we can't see them. To bring them back, join us by being an eco-volunteer to help increase forestland and expand their breeding sites.

Advertising Agency: Monday, Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Passapol Limpisirisan, Wiboon Leepakpreeda Copywriters: Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng, Passapol Limpisirisan
Art Directors: Piya Ngow, Wiboon Leepakpreeda
Agency Producer: Wannaporn Jitsom
Phographers / Retouchers: Anuchai Secharunputong, Nok Pipattungkul, Remix Studio


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Cute, but done. I can't recall the brand but it belongs to automotive. Could be Volkswagen? I don't want to say bullshits. I like the art direction but it's too similar to the other one. By the way, they made a spot on tv, too (with a little white bear). I won't rate this one because I respect your job!

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Interesting illustration of words

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pitted prunes
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i like how the "veins" form the forest background. meant to be that way? or am i seeing too much..

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