Warai Woods: House, 4

Advertising Agency: ideas@work, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Zarvan Patel, Prashant Godbole
Art Director: Manoj Gorde
Copywriter: Roy Abraham
Photographer: Pallavi Gujarathi
Published: December 2008


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As opposed to a fake picture... Nothing special here. Looks like a basic house in a field. I'm not a fan of the tag. "Actual Picture" would work if it was of something that made me think, "WOW! that looks amazing! I want to go there!" But, no reaction even close.

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I for one loves these.
The "NERAL" disturbs the headline, as it is unnessesary, but otherwise really nice text and beautiful picture.

If you dont like this ad, its probably because you aren't in the target-group.. go find one with a halfnaked chick.

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I am just as entitled to an intelligent opinion as you are. However, I find your advice to find another ad, insulting and unprofessional! Thank you for making an assumption about my taste! I'm glad that you have such wise insight to someone whom you have never met. Congratulations for a job well done. And thank you for telling me what ads to seek out. I will be eternally in your debt. Good day.

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Nice imagery. I found the initial copy somewhat.. misleading. Neral? Where's that? 9:55AM.. fine. Yeah, I know what blue sky is.. Oh, alright. So, this is a place I can vacation. And?.. Sorry, doesn't make me swoon. Could have been an insurance, real estate or "come to our state" ad. But beautiful. Like most of the ads on here.

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Neral? what what is this ad about?

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neral is the location of the site...70 kms from mumbai.Actual photo because most ads in india do no live up to the hype!.

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