Warai Woods: House, 1

Advertising Agency: ideas@work, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Zarvan Patel, Prashant Godbole
Art Director: Manoj Gorde
Copywriter: Roy Abraham
Photographer: Pallavi Gujarathi

December 2008


Stevil's picture
108 pencils

Really?!? 4 in the series? Why? Again, nothing special here.

NastyJester's picture
740 pencils

Commas, colons, brackets, ampersands and full stops. Never before have I seen such a plethora of punctuation used to make an already complicated headline even more unreadable.

Stevil's picture
108 pencils

I agree. A little confusing. Making your audience analyze the structure of a headline is never a good idea.

Blair Semenoff's picture
Blair Semenoff
651 pencils

Somebody got paid for this?? 4X!!!

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