Wall Street Institute School of English: Brazil

Other countries: OK
Brazil: Ass hole!
Learn to speak english, the world language.

Advertising Agency: Monday, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Directors: Wiboon Leepakpreeda
Art Directors: Wiboon Leepakpreeda
Copywriters: Passapol Limpisirisan
Illustrator: Visionary
Agency Producer: Yutthachai Yutthachaisanti

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1838 pencils

I've seen reference to how this gesture means asshole in portuguese, but it was a tv ad for a car, or a credit card I think.

We're going to need more lube.

jazarah's picture
1262 pencils

in some arab countries it means i will kill you

1838 pencils

Really? that's nuts.

Which ones?

We're going to need more lube.

corporal_hicks's picture
365 pencils

In turkey it means faggot, so these ads makes sense...

Totto's picture
685 pencils

it means three in india. howzzat

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

sloppy4's picture
1496 pencils

could really do without the exclamation point.

BFB's picture
941 pencils

I do like the insight in these but I think the copy kinda ruins it

sold's picture
3219 pencils

in braSil, this means OK (with 3 fingers up).
to mean ass hole you need to turn the ad 90 degrees (3 fingers to left or right, and that circle up) AND need to open and close that circle simulating "broken ass".

ricklongo's picture
1244 pencils

Really? This gesture means "asshole" in just about everywhere I've been here in Brazil.

sold's picture
3219 pencils

a bahia é grande, sampa, a continuação da bahia, também, mas o brasil é bem maior.

quando vc coloca os 3 dedos pra cima mostrando a palma da mão com esse "o" feito pelo polegar e indicador, é OK.

pra significar veado/gay ou "queima-rosca" é preciso colocar o buraco feito com o polegar e o indicador pra cima e fazer ele "piscar" abrindo e fechando o "buraco".
não existe o xingamento "buraco de cú" no Brasil, "meu rei".
aqui é o "pau-no-cú", ou o "queima-rosca"...

não sei o q vc chama de "everywhere", mas eu já morei em 6 estados da federação e, sem o "piscamento" do "o" feito com polegar e indicador, esse símbolo é tão somente OK.

Jet Propulsion Lab's picture
Jet Propulsion Lab
10683 pencils

This leads me to believe people's assholes are big and wide open in Brazil.

What the hell's going on down there?

Pogi5's picture
253 pencils

Lol. I wonder if there is a hand gesture for "goatse"

krautland's picture
3225 pencils

okay ads but nothing exceptional. it's an old concept as well. HSBC did it a couple of years ago. they showed what different symbold meant around the world.

but_why's picture
280 pencils

You telling me that this is the most convincing argument someone could come up with for speaking English. Lame.

spyro_e82's picture
46 pencils

bad colour combination!

Banner2k5's picture
551 pencils

HSBC the worlds local bank.

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