Wagon Wheels: Four heads

Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Julian Watt
Copywriter: Alex Wadelton
Art Director: David Joubert
Typographer: David Joubert
Art Buyer: Matthew Comensoli
Account Supervisor: Emma Boyle
Advertiser's Supervisor: Jessica Cribb
Account Manager: Eleanor Rout
Planner: Moensie Rossier


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IS IT an Ad?????

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Roger Keynes
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Ten paragraphs are better than seven.
But 13 would have been better.
Was part of the brief to hide the fact that there's a cash prize.
Or even a competition?

Will Think for Salary

atb2005's picture
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When it comes to copy one paragraph is always better than 4+.

I am afraid many readers would miss the cash prize part as they won't get to it.

I fancy a better ad.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Well put, atb.

Succinct and to the point.

And in three paragraphs. ;)

Will Think for Salary

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Random. But not alright. While the ad was amusing (parts) I agree that it was far too long. It seemed more scatterbrained than random.

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Wow, when did someone turn on the Time Machine and go back to 1982 to do their ads. Retro can be cool, be this missed the mark.

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I love the fact that the Silver Lion it won at Cannes proves how insignificant your comments are.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

I love the fact that Cannes Press judges awarded a Lion to an obviously scam campaign.

Will Think for Salary

NITROXROX's picture
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Dear Roger

if you wish I am more than happy to supply you all the necessary documentation required to prove that this campaign was in fact not scam. But I guess we are all entitled to our opinions. I'm sure you're a big cheese in the freelance creative industry of Adelaide.

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
5498 pencils

Big Nitro ...
I wasn't referring to this campaign being a scam.
But, thanks for looking me up!
x Big Gouda

Will Think for Salary

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dean viii
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wow. looks like an 80s ad, and a bad one. let alone a bad headline. time to go to school.

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I love wagon wheels. Yummy.

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They obviously took a classic path to present their classic product (btw Wagon Wheel is actually pretty awesome).

But by the looks of it, they haven't gone all the way. For, e.g. take a look at the ad from the below link, which btw is one of the greatest ad ever made. It clearly represents the copy part, the address part and stuff.
Anyways, the bottom line is, the execution has killed the message.


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Seriously Crazy
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too much copy *sigh* flip!

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