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These lines don't work for me. I know the place they were supposed to be going for but none of them are quite there yet in my opinion.

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Agreed. it makes no sense

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I think it makes sense, but the lines really could be better.

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I disagree. The copy works fine. Good campaign.

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i think it's fairly obvious the agency did these ads themselves. then went out and found a client. personally, i don't have a problem with scam ads. but if you're going to go to all that trouble, they should be better than this.

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1000 pound man

scam work is just entrepreneurialism. the word scam i think only applies when people or agencies enter it in award shows having never run. we've all seen it and it's cheating. shows should reward what the industry is able to ACHIEVE not simple IMAGINE.

this forum here - AOTW - is for open discussion of work. if it is just spec work done with no client then it should state so and be judged accordingly. if it ran - anywhere - than it ran. and should be ajudged accordingly. spec work is the life blood of our industry. it's how people improve and also challenge the rest of us. not every one has a great job. but it doesn't mean they don't have great ideas. I would just ask that spec work is labled as such and NOT ENTERED IN AWARD SHOWS.

all said and done this series is solid. not awesome. and it doesn't suck. the fact that they are out ther doing solid work is very important to all of us.

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You are right. But the problem is that never someone gonna tell: Hey guys look at my scam ad!
We will never know what had really ran or not. Advertising is "tour de france". A lot of people takes epo or change their blood wishing they won't be caught.
Bad time...

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This campaign gets the big fart noise on both copy and art. The lines need more attitude and wit. And the visuals are too expected. A guitar in a guitar shop ad? Stop the presses!

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scam ads? these? no I don't think so. If you go all the way to do sth for yours or the agencys sake it wouldn't be these.. Headlesshorseman is right these titles are weak and the visual predictable...

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Good campaign. Simple and to the point. Obviously not award winning material.

People still tend to comment as if they are judges at Cannes. This site is about ads of the world, not most awarded, not best ads, not most outstanding ads, but simply ads from all over the f*cking globe, good and bad.

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cool! I gonna send all what our clients buy us. You will see, it's not marvelous, but it's from a part of the world called France.
Don't be too hard with me, the clients don't like what everybody like but it's ads of the world....

Really? you want this site becoming trash of the world?

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I'm curious what kind of advertising goes on in countries that never make it to Cannes. Often it's not always that bad, but maybe it's too culturally bound to make an impact on an international award festival. I've seen great art direction coming from Japan, China, Korea that never won anything and gets shamelessly copied by one of the big boys in the USA or London and it reaped all the metal available.

Being a bit less cynical would suit you. Otherwise buy a subscription to the Cannes archive and stay there.

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Thousand Pound Man

Brainsugar is correct is saying their eventually will need to be a sort of sorting (like You Tube perhaps) of the work here. But I think posting "well-crafted work" to get feedback is still pretty important. Totally true - don't send any old fuck'n thing. But this shouldn't turn into another award show. I sorta consider it an intereactive Archive.

What's the answer? As users we'll eventually "vote" through participation. But for now, let's see a little more work than a little less - even if it's orginality and freshness is suspect.

Long winded response. sorry. but this very dialogue is the whole point!

it's got me thinking - so thank you all very much.

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The strategy is spot on in these ads. All lovers of vintage guitars dream of walking into a shop and uncovering a hidden gem.

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Personally, I like the grittiness in the ads. The lines are sharp, though the "blues" one is my least favorite.

And it's nice to see a campaign for vintage guitars that isn't trying to be "too cool or clever" for it's own good. (Thank God you spared me the "attitude.)

Overall, I think this talks to the target nicely.

Freelance Writing. Fearless Thinking.

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