VW CrossPolo: Wilder, Maya

The Polo. Just a bit wilder. The CrossPolo.

Agency: DDB, Germany
Creative Directors: Amir Kassaei, Bastian Kuhn, Alexander Weber-Grün
Copywriters: Daniel Ernsting, Lina Jachmann
Art Directors: Tino Heuter, Björn Löper
Account Directors: Michael Lamm, Benjamin Reininger, Esther Wiedemann, Nadja Richter
Planning: Jason Lusty, Wiebke Dreyer
Art Buying: Elke Dilchert


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So they are targetting naughty boys with the spectacular insight that all men are overgrown boys who love to depend on quirky comics to buy their cars without first knowing how it looks like or what it does or really no benefits whatsoever other than that it is endorsed by Garfield sans paw trimming?

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If Charles Schultz was still alive, he'd never allow someone to give Charlie Brown a mohawk. I don't care if you pick on Garfield though.

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totally has no idea what this campaign is all about. somebody lighten me up please.

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Have Heart
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You're not the brightest guy, are you?

Brilliant campaign.

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Exaggerating the features or actions of cartoon characters. You don't get the ads because you probably don't know these cartoons.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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hey guys i have some work i want to post it in "adsoftheworld" anyone knows how?

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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Cute campaign with a simple idea that is 'Polo' I reckon. I myself have been working on high prestige auto ads and I rarely get the chance to have fun with a car ad. Me likey muchly most VW stuff.

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garbage campaign. Definitely contains a "so what" factor to it. You can slap any car in there and it would work. "Chevy Cobalt. Just a bit wilder. The Chevy Cobalt SS."

also, in this particular execution, WHO is this bee? All the others contain worldwide, iconic cartoon characters. This must be the B-list version. Obviously, mickey mouse was too pricey.

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in germany this bee is at least as famous as the others.

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