VW CrossPolo: Wilder, Garfield

The Polo. Just a bit wilder. The CrossPolo.

Agency: DDB, Germany
Creative Directors: Amir Kassaei, Bastian Kuhn, Alexander Weber-Grün
Copywriters: Daniel Ernsting, Lina Jachmann
Art Directors: Tino Heuter, Björn Löper
Account Directors: Michael Lamm, Benjamin Reininger, Esther Wiedemann, Nadja Richter
Planning: Jason Lusty, Wiebke Dreyer
Art Buying: Elke Dilchert


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I'd like to know why the Polo is wilder. What makes it wilder?
To me this is borrowed interest. If they had put Garfield or any of the other characters in or near the car, maybe i'd think it worked better. This just screems to me " hey, we are like Garfield, but with claws" and to that I scream back "So what?" then walk away.

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I agree. Why would I buy this car? I think the ads are cute but a totally waist of money!

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Best of a soft bunch.
Is it cartoon character week, or what?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Ha, totally. This is just the worst of the borrowed interest though because it doesn't explain anything. Come on VW!

Fail Harder.

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where was it launched? i would like to know the response to this ad.

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no no no no
nobody will feel yourself better, or beauty, or safety, or wild with this... car??
are cartoons readers a real and right target for "cross-cars"?
this work was a waist of money and time.

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