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December 2008

Print advertisment created by Academy of Art University, United States for Vote, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Your voice can last forever.

Advertising School: Academy of Art San Francisco, USA
Instructor: Mike Brenner, Attik
Art Directors: Tomoko Fushimi
Copywriter: Harry Topailian
Photographer: Tomoko Fushimi

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Nice idea and great headlines.

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are you kidding me?

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a campaign for voting has so many options. this idea lacked originality.

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samuel j
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nice idea

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samuel j
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The copy is no good.

If your tagline is "Your voice can last forever," I don't see how scrawling a bunch of slurs into cement inspires me to vote. I can understand the whole "writing in cement = last forever" part. But why in fuck am I supposed to wanna vote because of this?

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Thank you for all response.
I'm one of the students who made these ads.

This ads go with a street event that people actually can write their idea on a cement.
We came up with the event idea first, and these print ads followed.
These ads would be clings, which are placed on street as a part of cement. As you may feel, we struggled making print ads which could go with the street event.

Here is a great opportunity for us to know people's reaction and opinion except for in class.
If you don't mind, We'd like to get more suggestions,opinions, and ways to make them better for our reference.

We really appreciate that you spent time for us.
Thank you.

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i get it, the messages is written in stone but your messages are bolloks, it reminds me of angry kids scribbling profanities on desks... change the copy man.

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Just stumbled upon these ads while looking for voting campaigns and I gotta say, these are
possibly the worst I've seen in a very long time and I've been in this for a while.
The copy is absolute crap. In $ we trust? Really guys? Does this make any sense to say to kids?
It's just so bad. Im blown away with the quality of the writing. Almost offended by it. And broth in da crackhousr? Where are these lines coming from? They're shit. Who speaks like that much less identifies with that?
The writer has no clue how to write in voice. Clearly!
listen the idea is interesting but it's written on the ground which begs the question who's gonna see it? even If it is print. Keep thinking guys!

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Kamlesh Verma
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great head line........