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So... Airwaves make you vomit? Nice association. The campaign is not really creative.

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without this one it would be a nice campaign.

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very nice...

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Very nice campaign, i'm sorry for popdistortion and his terrible comment...
Because there's a man who vomit "in chewing gum", you think that airwaves make you vomit?
In this case, airwaves make you broke your guitar or make you show your's stupid..
When you go in a rock festival, you or the singers drink a lot and sometimes's simple.
But maybe this comment is because it's never arrived in a pop festival..

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we all know there are a lot of puking people on rock festivals.
but hey, this is not only about the rock fest, it's primarily about chewing gums. the compound "vomit - chewing gum" isn't that good.
when i saw the other ones i thought "yeah, rock'n'roll". when i saw this one i thought of the acidly smell of fresh vomit.
real rock stars also do skag, so why don't show a guy givin the needle? because it's stupid. otherwise... thinking of it, i would even prefer the skag idea to the vomit one. it would be maximum controversial, most likely forbidden shortly after publication, everybody would complain about it and nobody would associate it with fresh vomit when looking at it. that would be rock'n'roll. (ah yeah, and airwaves would probably lose some of it's precious brand credibility but who cares about that anyway)
as i said before, nice campaign without this one.

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FWIW, this is my favourite of the 3.


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