Volvo: Words

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, New Delhi, India
Creative Directors: Mani Jayaram, Satbir Singh
Art Director: Anuranjan Dogra
Copywriter: Nikhil Pandey
Illustrators: Jitendra Singh, Shyam Rawat, Mahesh Gautam
Other additional credits: Christopher Peter, Ankur Bhatt
Published: June 2008


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john doe
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I like the lines. Specially this one.

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Crisp One
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best line out of the whole campaign, but it looks too "industry"

could have added some kind of style to it

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Why can't you print "uneconomical" in India? ;)

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good one! XD

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Nice copy. The others lack this type of attitude..

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A poor corporate stock shot with a gimmicky line.

No boner for me.

We're going to need more lube.

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the other one is "fucking"


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The comments on this site drive me crazy! The arrogance of people. let's see what amazing ads have been created by the people who make such egotistical comments like "yaawn" or "been done before" etc.
This is advertising, not philosophy. We aren't in a career that deserves much merit, lets be realistic. We aren't saving the world here. Advertising shouldn't be a "clever contest" either. Most ads these days are way too cryptic. You have to examine them and dissect them before you find out the meaning...if you even manage to find out the meaning at all. Get over yourselves. It's much easier to critique than it is to create.

New rule. Whoever has a negative comment. has to post an ad (a legitimate ad that ran that they did which they claim to be better.

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Crisp One
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or not, its a cut throat industry filled with self important jackasses, cool people, and people who dont look like they belong.

Just like any other industry.......weird huh

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I agree that some of the comments are distasteful or not well thought through. However, this site is for people to share opinions with each other. In addition, in today's world of advertising its ALL about pushing the limits. Doing something someone else has not done before. And if it has been done... how have you brought it to the next level? I believe Ogilvy or some Ad guru (not Donald Draper) discussed this only have 2 seconds to grab someones attention. If your ad does not do this, then you have not succeeded. Therefore, the comments like "yawwwn" or "booring" might be trite, but echo this philosphy.

Now to defend this ad. In the world of car ads, its imperative to feature the car (exterior or interior). This ad is surprisingly bold for VOLVO a brand that based its previous ads on safety. The brand voice used to be authoritative, and now exudes spunk and arrogance and the copy lends a new voice to VOLVO. Yes, its featuring a car speeding by, but with lines like that--visually its doing exactly what it should--allowing the prospective buyer to imagine their everyday in one.

As for posting an ad to legitimize a negative comment on here, let's get real.

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Let's get real. Great idea.

Your rhetoric sounds well thought through, however it's missing the point. Although you came close with your "two second" comment. Remember...this is only advertising. Something has to grab your attention and hopefully stay in your mind. This isn't a "look at how clever I can be" or "look at how edgy I can be" contest. In this over-communicated world it is so difficult (if not impossible) to be truly original. We still use the same things that we always have. Words and pictures. Nothing's really changed...or really needs to change. Humans still read and look at pictures. We are only trying to sneak into the consumer's mind at some point in the day.

As far as car advertising goes...your opinion is very un-creative. It's not "imperative" to show a car. Rules are meant to be broken. We need to push the limits. In fact, I think I've seen a few car ads that eliminate, or at least minimize, the car shot.

As for posting an ad for an ad...why not? Let's think outside the box for a moment. If someone is trashing an ad, I'd love to see what they have personally done that they claim is amazing. That doesn't sound too far fetched...does it?

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Hey, sorry to disagree with all the so-called ad gurus but, IMHO, the headline rocks for me. It may make you yawn in your markets, but over here (Nairobi, Kenya), it would make tongues wag for weeks. I'm not too sure about the visual, but in this case I think the headline has done the bulk of the work. Anyone who disagrees? I dare you to come down here to the deep, dark third-world and maybe you may just get a job as a junior/associate/no-idea-about-the-local-insights/expatriate ad-critic...
So I say Go For it! You developing-market creative geniuses! India, China, UAE, South Africa, Brazil... don't let any disparaging comments hold you down. You've got support from a lot more "emerging markets" than you think. We're proud of what you're doing, and you're gonna become the world leaders.

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Irrelevant to target group
shall I keep going….?

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