Volvo: Safe, 2

Excessive security, deserved vacation!
Possibly the world's safest car.

Advertising Agency: Triptico Design, Bogota, Colombia
Creative Director: Patricia Ramon
Art Director: Leonardo Ruiz
Copywriter: Camilo Montañez
Illustrator: Camilografico

January 2009


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This just cant be serious...

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Polaroids! Now that takes me back.
To 1980.

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Polaroid? Or the world safest car since long ago...

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wow i dont know where to start on this one. art direction : polaroids? wtf? copy : 'possibly' the world's safest car? possibly? how many brands in how many categories could claim to 'possibly' be the leader in their field? wtf?

and the device of the crash test dummy in a safe car i find a little unclear. crash test dummies are made for crash testing. they're robust. and not alive. not 100% clear how they communicate the safety of the volvo. i get the rationale 'they experience crashes all the time, so would want to be in the safest car possible when not on the job' but it's still quite blurred for me.

here's a much better ad that uses the crash test dummy as a device (albeit different msg):

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Yes, and as well as that... erm...

And don't forget th...

Oh, and I also think tha..., you really have said it all.

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karl mundt
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viva Triptico Design!!!

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so now vovlo's crash dummies are on holiday does that mean that the world's safest cars don't do safety checks anymore??????:S

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que hp aviso taaan maaaalo....... Brief: Seguridad en carros.... AAAA ya se!!! Crashtest dummies!!!!!!! Aviso de primer semestre.

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