Volvo: Junkyards

There's a reason why cars go to junkyards and people go to heaven.
A single human life is more valuable than a thousand luxury automobiles. Or anything else, for that matter. Which is exactly the reason why Volvo builds the safest cars available. Not because we treasure safety features, or even cars. But because we treasure people.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Chicago, USA
Creative Directors: Steffan Postaer, Blake Ebel
Art Director: Simon Kao
Copywriter: Merrideth Kalil
Illustrator: Giannini Imaging
Photographer: Chris Katahara, Jupiter Images
Published: July 2007


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useless copy. Why are American ads always so silly ?
Hey,there 's a factual error too,Not all people go to heaven.Lets see.. one in ten thousand may.. or maybe less.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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Jonny Lonestar
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copywriters gone wild

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people go to heaven? PEOPLE GO TO HEAVEN!?

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yeah i know. let's ignore that campaign. maybe it'll go away..

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agree, agree, agree with everyone.
i don't know why euro thinks these are good for them to show the world.

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the ads play very well to an american audience. perhaps you're not understanding the cultural relevance of the copy, since you are not americans? just something to think about. "why are american ads so silly?" i don't know. many are, i must agree -- but i don't agree that THESE volvo ads are silly.

i understand why EURO is proud of them. it's good stuff that plays very well to the volvo brand.

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Jonny Lonestar
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I'm as American as they come, and these still dont make any sense. The emotional connection is weak and seems quite insincere, the heaven/junkyard thing is random and out fo left-field (american metaphoric slang: "comes from nowhere")) not to mention, controversial and... to be honest pushes the BS scale off the charts...

Does volvo not protect muslims, hindus, jews, athiests, etc.?

"There's a reason cars go to junkyards and people get put in 30,000$ vaults to prolong their decomposition... "
"There's a reason that I am certainly not buying a volvo any time soon."

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I think it's great. Fresh approach to building on the Volvo brand equity. Also showing a car ad without any cars, it's different. It does seem sincere to me, and it's a nice thought.

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