Volvo: Driveway

It's why you leave your car in the driveway but tuck your children in at night.
It goes without saying, children are precious. They're proof that miracles happen and that life, no matter how small, is meant to be cherished. That's why Volvo builds the safest cars available. Because we value people. Especially the smallest ones.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Chicago, USA
Creative Directors: Steffan Postaer, Blake Ebel
Art Director: Simon Kao
Copywriter: Merrideth Kalil
Illustrator: Giannini Imaging
Photographer: Chris Katahara, Jupiter Images
Published: July 2007


Totto's picture
685 pencils

bad concept, bad copy

"They're proof that miracles happen and that life" - explain this you weed smoking copywriter.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

juliangray's picture
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Agree and two of the campaing have religious messages. Heaven? Miracle of life?

Dear god, and i was thinking about buying a volvo.

dr.look's picture
53 pencils

oh no!

Luz Valdez's picture
Luz Valdez
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Looks too burdensome for some black nicotined gums ... even more burdensome to a wanabe's oversized rotting shoes.

monicamexico's picture
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Bad ads. Volvo would never use scare tactics.

sold's picture
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i feel sorry for euro rscg around the world... the criterious of the team is getting down... i wish they fix this soon and back to good times.

teenie's picture
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The copy is painful. You can't say "it goes without saying" and then come out and say it!

Is this a real ad or a student ad?!

adsgogo's picture
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every sentence reads like an independent statement, like it should be spaced out..cant picture what magazine in Namerica Volovo would put this in

Albondiga's picture
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Sorry everyobne but I like these. I think that the message is really powerful.

supersupergirl's picture
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i think these are simply terrible. Not expected from a brand like volvo. Definately not after the safety pin..

Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
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You love your baby! buy a volvo!

You love your dog! buy some milk!

Jesus loves you! buy some kitschy anamatronic reindeer!

Kloz's picture
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Hehehe, rada parah copynya. =)

gmint7's picture
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Volvo has always been focussing on safety

I like the copy
I think its the right side picture that spoils all... it is not relevant..
I never seen a toasted baby in a car crash.

i will use ..maybe broken baby related stuffs, like a broken MILK BOTTLE .. maybe.. same pic but he is all charred and smoky... XD


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my partner and i have just been given a live brief on volvo from AMVBBDO and if that was the work i was producing i would not turn up to present it!

OMG its Terrible! Are these ads really?

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