January 2007
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Art director:Alvaro Naddeo
Copywriter:Jaime Chehade
Creative Director:Ricardo Chadwick
Illustrator, Photographer or other additional credits: Carlos Luna

Make it faster.
GPRIX high performance fuel.

Advertising Agency: Pragma DDB, Lima, Peru

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I live in Peru, and I had the chance to see the complete version. First of all, we do not
speak English (what, didn´t you know that???) so I think this may have been sent for an award consideration,
hence triming the original layout (and translating it). Let me explain it. The full page ad had,
on top, a photo of a LADA, that is, ONE photo. Then, below it, "Hazlo más rápido." ("make it faster"),
and only then the collage made of that single photo cut and copied into various pieces to form this
faster looking car.
The idea, as far as I´m concerned, was to show how just by using PRIMA G-PRIX (i.e. Shell V-power; this
campaign was launched soon after Shell's fuel businesses in Peru were shut and bought by this new firm)
you would not only feel, but see such an underrated car faster. By the way, the "faster" collage does
look like a Volvo Bertone coupe from the early eighties.
You are all very welcome.