Volvia: Life quality, 4

Life quality can come from many things. A good car insurance, for example. 380 000 Volvo owners have already chosen us. And the majority stay loyal year after year. At volvia.se you can read 10 good reasons to why that is. Many customers appreciate the smooth claims handling and reliable repairs with Volvo Genuine Parts. Important issues that provide peace of mind and let you focus on the valuable things in life. Your life quality. The best insurance for your Volvo.

Advertising Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Inhouse, Gothenburg, Sweden
Art Director: Daniel Hessel
Copywriters: Susan Brohagen, Niklas Arvidsson
Photographer: Magnus Pajnert
Production Manager: Anna Christéen
Published: September 2013


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34600 pencils

not a bad set of ads.

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What am I missing that makes this ad interesting? It doesn't seem like an ad that should be on this site.

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