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Very cool. Congratulations.

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wow, that is why this agency was The Best of The Year of the Gunn Report twice times (2004 and 2005).
this year they get sixty place...
great job!!

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Pretty cool. But why the same idea 3 times?

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real VW clients will not approve such layout, its unlike their corporate identity.

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Don't talk about what you don't know.

This ad doesn't follow the VW layout guideline either, but it did run.
(I'm from Brazil and saw it on a lot of major magazines)


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Nice. And why shouldn't it fit VW? It has the same feel as similar ads to this done before by VW.

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The first thing that struck me was how they stood out from the other ads on the ad page. I was drawn to them, like a bonobo to its brother. Or its mother.

I'm not into cars, so I had to look up Fox Cross to check it was actually a car (hey! it could have been an event, like frogger with real foxes), but that's cool - this would stick out a mile among other car ads, particularly without the car in it.

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WHAT IS THE IDEA???? Cool visual though.

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Claus Thaler
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Sorry, but like Desi I´m wondering what´s the idea here?

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Claus Thaler
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Ah, this should look like a tree because life´s a jungle, now I get it.

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i wish i have done it. beautiful campaign. congratulations

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I've worked on this account in Europe. The client are very strict about their corporate identity especially for their print layouts. Perhaps those you've seen in Brazil are scams just like this campaign.

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Well done.

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this has such a great style for 4x4 ads, i love it
cool to imagine how offroad freaks see simple things like street signs

good one p. almeida

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the idea i get (Life is a Jungle), but what is the take out for the consumer?


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