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I don't really get it. Okay, the Transporter is capable of driving on ice so construction workers go do ice skating? Yes, these people are all the target group of the Transporter. But I think that ice skating, the Transporter and construction workers are too far apart. Like the art direction though and the guys skating have been perfectly casted.

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I think that what is says is that you can "slide" very easy to work no matter the condition of the road.

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I'm with PopDis on this one. Maybe I'm not getting some relevence due to nationality but this one screams disconnect to me.

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Loune Pyrano

maybe the workers stand only on 2 feet (not on 4 like the new transporter) and that looks very wobbly..

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There is one thing clear about this add and that is "it is unclear." If we cannot get it, what more the audience outside?

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MADE in the USA
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The skaters represent characteristics of the vehicle on ice or a slippery condition.


Making the impossible a possibility.
mit-u )

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Didn't make that connection. But sounds sensible. Thanks. But then I have to say that besides me quite a few people haven't made that connection. I doubt that the average consumer will see it either.

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This ad is ghey
In a real funny way

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Nice comment, Whitespace.

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Its hilarious. Great ad.

--the van is graceful on ice for those people that can't figure it out.

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The ideas and visual just don't match at all.

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dumb humans. smart ad.

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Classic case of smart advertising. The visual is interesting. Could've pushed harder.
Well what the heck... it works for me.

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