Volkswagen: Train

Golf. At a price that won't be back.

Advertising Agency: La Mesa Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Sebastián Katz
Art Director: Cristián Guerrero
Copywriter: Raúl Torres
Illustrator: Nelson Daniel
Published: July 2008


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You mean to say now is really the time to buy that Golf, because it's the only time you will be able to buy it at that low price? I'm not sure, since I'm not a native English speaker myself, but wouldn't '... won't COME back' be a more correct way of saying this?

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it's correct. "won't" short for "will not"... but the line as a whole may be the struggle.

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I wasn't talking about 'won't'... I suggested it would maybe sound better to say 'At a price that won't COME back' instead of 'At a price that won't BE back'...

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I would have to say that at "At a price that won't be back" resonates with me more than your suggestion. "Won't come back" implies that whatever has left will consciously refuse to return, despite the possibility of doing so. Whereas "Won't be back" implies that whatever has left will not be able to return, regardless of whether or not it wishes to do so.

I think a good example would be to think of the price in this ad as a man off to war (appropriate for the vintage theme). For various obvious reasons he may not be back, though he may wish and intend to come back.

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a men don´t said goodbye or farewell?

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I like the idea, the DA is interesting but the car is in product it is damage is not logical.
Finally here is a classified ad produces with a little of idea.

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