Volkswagen Touareg: Tree

Just like you, he'd rather not stand out.
Touareg. Goes without saying.

Advertising Agency: Fogel Ogilvy, Israel
Creative Director: Guy Goren
Art Director: Tomer Zakai
Copywriter: Tomer Abramovitz
Illustrator: Yaniv Shahar
Published: March 2008


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Goes without saying what?

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it goes without saying that this ogilvy office had just created two very bad ads for vw, shame.

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I'm not sure if they did market and consumer research. People purchase a car 'coz it really stand out their status quo, aren't they?

And the ad not so well executed. Looks fake. The car looks floating in the middle of air. Should lower the position down.

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Same of last year's Smart?

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don't we all love hiding behind a tree?

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Look like the Smart ad.


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So the Touareg has a fat ass. We already knew that.

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Wait, McLovin made this ad?

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Note that this ad came from Israel, so I'm guessing it's a cultural thing. Probably something about showing strength of character by actions, not words or calling undue attention to oneself.

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