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Beautiful art direction!

Fail Harder.

Vibe's picture
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seriously beautiful, but i don't see the point of it.

deep_tracy's picture
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beauty is.

i love this campaign. it looks good, it works and it has biting humor.

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because you ain't black.

kenya: less predator
disco: more

Arnold Santillan

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Beautifuly executed.

slim's picture
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The idea's flimsy. The whole 'urban jungle' thing has been done to death. But, yeah, they look nice. Purdy.
Wish I was purdy...

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hey Ivan, I am sure you have seen and enjoyed the "The X SHOW" (FX Channel) tv campaign a few years ago. 4 commercials (lawyer, weather news, national anthem, funeral speech) they are all great and HILARIOUS and won a lot of awards including one show golds, d&ad silver, cannes gold and whatnot gold. Is it possible for you to put em in here? it's a request, my friend. and like Mr. Lund said: m sure everybody here is gonna enjoy 'em thoroughly.

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This urban jungle-thing has been done quite a few times, but this campaign adds an own twist to it. Great thinking, sarcastic humor, fantastic art-direction.

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Yep, it's stunning art direction. Refreshing for VW and the CD has a cool name.

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ehh...i agree with slim up there...but, out of the three this one works the best for me.

LAZ's picture
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i actually like the idea. new twist.

and the art direction - very nice.


Bianconiglio's picture
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this is only art direction. good art direction, but only

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