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why on the table and how come !!! + i dont think that touareeg cars are made to drive them inside houses ! thats odd

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If we had to analyse every ad like you did, all of them would be bad. An object can be depicted in many ways, this way you can understand what it has to say. This is a way to say that the car can go were you didn't thought it can go, the car is easy to use in small places.
If this car would be on a street, even a tight street, instead of a dinning room, the effect won't be the same. It would be just an ordinary car like many others, and this ad would be an ordinary ad too. This is the way we use to kill all the great ideas, just from the beginning.

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And I'm not saying this is a great idea.

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Nice line..nice thought..... visual does no justice to the line or the thought. Try something 'creative'

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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chriscoast, always there's a logical way out + I didn't say that this ad is bad! actually I like it (the concept and the art direction) and yes I agree with you this is not a killer idea but its good :), So stay cool man I am not idea killer

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It makes me chuckle but if I was buying an SUV this ad hasn't told me anything that makes it "beyond" any other SUV in its class.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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mi scoperei chiunque

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