Volkswagen: Teddy

New Caddy Maxi Life, infinitely bigger.

Advertising Agency: Piment DDB
Creative Directors: Axel Roy, Remi Gross
Art Director: Matthieu Chanvrin
Copywriters: Barthelemy Flippo, Emmanuel Zerafa
Photographer: Louis Decamps
Published: April 2008


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Oh no.. they didn't!...

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john doe
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Guest commenter

old style

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Guest commenter are not DDB...
You're not good for this kind of work. Why don't you let DDB Paris doing? Their work are way better than yours. This is sooo bad.

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Javier Ramírez
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Mmm...muy simple, muy fácil
Cuando uno ve el legendario bloque blanco, con el VW al final, espera encontrar algo realmente bueno.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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the roof of the house looks well dodgy.

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Guest commenter

Rubbish, must be scam

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it looks more like a hot wheels ad,,,

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Really strange photograph. Looks like every prop has been shot seperately (in the studio!) and then photoshopped together.

Idea btw has been done by DDB Amsterdam for the Volkswagen(!) Passat Variant where they showed a family of five plus a 600 litre milk carton. This -much better- printad was published in 2006.

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Guest commenter

Recurso super usado. No me gusta para nada.

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jorge araya

buuuuuuu que malo. demasiado basico para esta pagina

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one word: LAME

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wow, sadly i can easily say, I could make a better ad than this and I'm a 16 year old comm tech student.

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Please no!!!!


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Amidst all the searing critique, I just want to say that I kind of like the line "Infinitely bigger".
Not the execution mind you, just the line.

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ADVERTISING: world of frustration which makes people angry...

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the truth is

MC the Art Director?
this is bad, there's no's just a fact.
Work harder when you're on a WV's a magic brand, it's doesn't desearve this kind of crap.
The people that critizise your work say it because it's true, they had an advertising culture...but you don't.

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Guest commenter

way too simple to be good.... not fresh. You could substitute anything and make it bigger. So, why a teddy? WTF! You should see the Seat Altea XL ad, great. Similar ad but on TV, with an idea, a long while back! I think thesedays, simple always seems to lack lateral. Apply this will ya! FFS.

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You're right, the Seat Altea XL ad is really good lateral thinking & beautifully art directed.
I do think though that in some ways it's a lot more challenging to put down a press ad though where you have to capture the thought in one single striking image. For example take that TV ad, what would one do if you had that concept whilst trying to create a press ad? ...A shot of the boot full of all his toys, would in itself be quite dull.

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