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2 scenarios came to mind:

1)you build the garage instead of the house first- which would be a nice idea.

2)but it also says that you're renovating the house right now, and you don't really give a damn about upgrading the garage-that would mean this ad doesnt work.

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honestly only #1 comes to my mind. Renewing would look different. for me it hit the point directly.

good one.

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yeah, your #2 doesn't make sense after look at the garage and see how perfect it is.

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you thought to much

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Didn't really spring to mind, the whole renovating bit. Maybe a crane would solve that.
Still, solid work. Nothing spectacualar though.

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i think this is cool.
though think it would have been stronger without the line...

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it's the brand's claim in germany.

i like the ad, it's a very clear idea.
i saw a pretty similar one though in an old lürzers' (i think it was 1999) for audi by Louis XIV Paris.
The line said "la toiture attendra" (the roof can wait) and it showed an audi driving away from a mansion with a derelict roof.

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jajaja ! Cool !

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the audi ad from the 90s had a different idea.
like: if you have to choose between repairing
a damaged roof or buying a new audi you'll go
for the audi. this one's even smarter. good one.

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i agree it's not the same idea but i think it's a rather short way from the roof idea to this one.
but you're right that this one's smarter

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Have Heart
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Absolutely awesome! Clear and to the point. Congrats, Grabarz!

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Why would you need to park your car at a house in which you cannot live?

I know it's about priorities, but just seems a bit forced to me.

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Quite funny when i first saw it.....think the ideas really awesome with a touch of humour to it. Love the copy!

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It's lovely, straight to the point and I don't mind the line at all.

Fail Harder.

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chintan ruparel
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hahaha! nice one

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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chintan ruparel
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on second thoughts, i dont think the line's needed. just a thought.

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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can someone describe to me how this retouching effect is accomplished. It looks almost as tho the picture is an illustration. I love the effect, but how??

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Lot of cleaning up on the image makes it unrealistically perfect.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Thanks Ivan.

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i don't see how you can live in a house that isn't finished yet.
it would work better for me if the house was crappy looking and the garage very worship-like

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My point exactly. This ad is flawed.

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the house is structurally complete as visualised with this leafy topping-out ceremony tree on top of the roof.
to add some humour they exaggerate a little bit by leaving out the windows and front door.

or maybe the owners love their volkswagen so much they don't even leave it at night and just sleep in the car?

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I'm with addyhoch10.
They probably are living in the garage in the car because they love it so much.

But do we really need to think about this ad THAT much? Do we need to make a whole story to satisfy ourselves? Would the average consumer think about it this much? Probably not. That's why I say this ad is only okay.

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The average consumer sees the ad, wonders why the garage
is already perfectly build before the house is ready to move in.
The average consumer would think: The most important thing
for this family is the car. Because its a Volkswagen. That's
it for me.

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