Volkswagen Scirocco: Experience the unusual, 1

Advertising Agency: DDB Gulf
Creative Director / Copywriter: Rishad Lawyer
Art Director: Guilherme Pecego
Photographer: VW data base
Published: November 2008


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Thats made by DDB Berlin. I am quite sure about this!

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it's the oldest idea I've seen so far this year! / Facebook : Joelapompe

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White cars are cool? I think they suck :) Anyhow, you could use a black car for this type of concept.

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Nessie again?!!!

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Blair Semenoff
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The whole campaign looks copied from the Sony Alpha ads Ivan put on here today.....aliens, Loch Ness Monster

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dnic garcia
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Nessie's backs!

Please the monsters are really old fashion...

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Cool car. Crap campaign. Sorry.

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volkswagen probably has thought to take after other car ads, where the car is shown eithere in otion or parked in an admirable position. DDB should knnw better than allow a brand manager push them this down. nice car though.

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